Canary District History

A Flight Back in Time

1859: Palace Street School

Palace Street School was one of the earliest free schools in Toronto and is the only survivor of the early schools built by The Toronto Board of Education. It is one of the few surviving buildings in Toronto designed by Joseph Sheard, who eventually became Mayor. Palace Street was the original name for
this portion of Front Street.

Palace Street School
Palace Street School

1890: Cherry Street Hotel

By the 1890’s, the building had become a turreted and gabled Victorian hotel: the Irvine House and then the Cherry Street Hotel. It had 40 neatly furnished sleeping rooms, a well equipped dining room and a well-stocked bar serving choice imported wines, liquors, ales, beer, porter, stout and cigars.

Cherry Street Hotel
Cherry Street Hotel

1965: Canary Restaurant

The Canary Restaurant with its flashing neon sign and yellow Canary was a landmark and beacon for the neighbourhood. It served up cheap and greasy fare to truckers who lived in this area which was then an industrial hub of Toronto. It served its last meal in the summer of 2007.

Canary Restaurant
Canary Restaurant

2015: Canary District

Toronto’s biggest urban village in the making, Canary District will be a visionary, sustainable, master-planned community with thousands of new homes, parks, transit routes, shopping, dining, culture and more.

Canary District Entrance
Entrance to Canary District